01 | In the Process with Laura Supnik

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Many of you may be familiar with Madisen Kuhn's book of poetry, Eighteen Years. Yet, accompanying her beautiful words, are simple + lovely illustrations by NYC based artist, Laura Supnik. Today, I am beyond excited to share you with an interview I recently did with her that truly captures Laura in a graceful light as not just a creator but a person striving for a full life. This is the first of many posts in the "In the Process" series on H&H that will share the behind the scenes action from various creatives from all walks of life, locations, and artistic mediums. I hope you will find these gifted individual's stories encouraging and as a motivation to embrace creativity in your everyday. Anyways, let's go to the interview!

Habit & Heart: How did you get where you are today?

Laura Supnik: I've taken art classes since I was little! My family is very creative so I'm influenced by my parents and younger brother a lot. I took classes in school as well as at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and I had planned to go to art school for a few years. I even got into a bunch of schools with a portfolio, but then last minute decided I wanted a business degree! That way I can do my art outside of school but learn how to better market myself as an artist.  And I really like fashion so I'm currently studying fashion business management at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. So I'm just seeing where it all takes me!

H&H: How would you describe your work to someone on the street?

LS: Small, whimsical, off-beat. It's a lot of simple lines but then I often add things that don't always make sense with what is shown. 

H&H: Where do you find inspiration for your art? How do you continually look to that inspiration in your profession/life despite deadlines and the occasional creative-block?

LS: I find inspiration everywhere! Noticing little things, or noticing big things in a different way. I just try to look at things with a new perspective... although I'm frequently inspired by architecture and nature.

H&H: Many creative people (myself included) struggle with the idea of originality and creating something new in a world when everything has been done already. Do you struggle with this? What are your thoughts on getting past this inner conflict?

LS: Everyone is constantly putting stuff out there, and there are SO many creative people in the world so it's easy to get caught up in worried about being original. But the thing is, we all inspire one another on different levels so as long as you have something that makes your work unique- then let yourself take inspiration from others! Using other artists for inspiration is a great tool.

H&H: I love your collaboration with Madisen Kuhn's book, Eighteen Years! Where did you gain inspiration for your included illustrations? And how has your life and business/art changed since then?

LS: Thank you! Her book is split up into different sections for which I illustrated different flowers for. We both love them so she wanted to include a lot! Madisen has a ton of people who follow her and look up to her so much (me being one of them). A lot of people found me through her and I've been getting a ton of work because of that, and I'm so thankful for it, as well as for my friendship with her! She's the best, and her writing is beautiful.

H&H: I would think that living in such a large city as New York would effect your art. Do you believe this? If so, how does the city influence your work?

LS:  It completely does! There's just so many different people in New York with different ways of thinking. I love it. 

H&H: What is next for you and your art?

LS: I'll be studying in Paris this August through December! 

H&H: What advice would you give to fellow artists with the same desire to create?

LS: Just keep creating. It's easy to doubt yourself but if it makes you happy just keep going.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Laura for being our dose of creativity and inspiration for today. I think we are all shouting "YAY" in unison for your beautiful words as you share you life + art with us. If you want to continue to follow along with Laura, you can find her on Instagram @laurasupnik or on her website here. And, if you wish to pick up Eighteen Years, you can do so on Amazon (tip: perfect "just because" gift to your best friend.)

Who do you want to see featured on the "In the Process" series? Connect with me via email (catemarg@gmail.com), on Instagram (@cate.marg), or in the comments below. 


  1. Laura's artwork is so quirky and cute, I love it!

  2. Its nice to see the interesting interview of the little one. The kid has a very bright future in painting.


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