How to Decorate With Photos (Without Using a Frame!)

Monday, June 27, 2016

We live in an age where photos are taken left and right. I honestly cannot remember the last time I sat down and actually ate my food before taking  photo of it (joking, joking). As stated on my Summer Bucket List, one of my goals for the season is to print photos once a week. I also recently bought a polaroid camera, so photographs have been popping up all over my room the past few weeks. Being a display-er at heart, it is hard for me to let my photographs remain in a box. However, I also did not want them simply shown in picture frames. Therefore, I thought I would share a few creative ways I have displayed my photos throughout my home. Enjoy!

01 | On A Basket. I recently bought a few of these wire milk baskets from Target (can purchase here) and have fallen in love. With their copper handles, what more could you ask for? To add a little personal touch, I clipped on a few of my recent polaroids on the outside. By adding that extra style, it takes any space to from ordinary to individual. I have also experimented with just one photo or polaroid clipped on each basket, and love the minimalistic look. Plus, who can resist the office supply section at your local Target? Stock up on those adorable binder clips and paperclips! (Pro tip: Want to be an organizational queen? Take a photo of the items in the basket and attach to the front of the basket for a creative reminder of your hidden treasures.)

02 | On the Outside of a Frame. Like I stated, it is hard for me to commit to a certain photo or piece of art for a long period of time. I am constantly changing the walls of my room and the items that I want to be surrounded by. If you still want the traditional & polished look of a frame, keep it! Just do not frame the photo from the inside, but opt for the photo or photos to be attached on its exterior. I personally love the look of washi tape, but an form of attachment would do. I currently have two of my favorite photos from my time in Europe a few summers back taped on a clear frame because A) It's finally peony season, and Paris has the best peonies, and B) I am really into the color of the year combo, Rose Quartz & Serenity, and catch myself continually inspired by it in all areas of life. This method is great for those with decor commitment problems (me!) and love the freedom to shake it up on a regular basis.

03 | In a Book. A while back on Creating A Lovely Life blog, I posted a DIY of this cut out book. In the past, I have used the hallowed book for storing pens, office supplies, and small notes. Then I discovered that it perfectly fits a 4 x 6 photo! I love that the book allows the photo to be seen in a unique way, as well as later being able to be closed and hidden.

04 | On a Clothesline. I have always loved this old-fashioned look because of how much it can add to a space. Whether it be strung across an open wall, or simply added to your existing decorations, this trick is easy & open for interpretation based on your personal style. I DIY'ed my clothesline with wire and attached my photos with these gold clothespins. However, if you want less of the hassle, I love this Metal Photo Clips String Set from Urban Outfitters.

Let's talk! What is your favorite photo displayed in your home, and why?


  1. Ooh, I love these tips! Photos are the best. I'm a huge fan of the clothesline look. I'm also in the process of covering a whole area of my wall with black and white photos!

  2. Great ideas! I may borrow a few as I re-do my office. (Aunt Vickie)


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