12 Instagrammers To Follow Right Now

Thursday, July 28, 2016

There is no denying the fact that I love Instagram. I would say it is my favorite social media due to the creative aspect of it. Yet, while I love to take, edit, and share fun moments, what truly inspires me is following other creatives. Therefore, I have compiled my "top 12" of Instagrammers to follow, each account diverse from the next in content, location, and artistic style. There is truly someone on the list for you to follow and be inspired by. Enjoy!

01 | For The Travel Guru: With The Locals (@withthelocals) | I found this account when my own home town of Little Rock, AR was feature over a year ago, and have loved following along ever since. Each week, a new Instagrammer "takes over" the account showing us around his or her city. Exploring a town through a true local's eyes allows you to see a city in all its glory-- and often without the tourist cliches.

02 | For The Artistic Soul: Face The Foliage (@facethefoliage) | These pretty floral faces are not only crazy creative, but will inspire you to take apart that bouquet and start creating! Plus, that fox portrait. *Heart eyes*

03 | For a Peak at the BTS Life of a True BOSS: Jen Gotch (@jengotch) | Founder and CEO of Ban.do, Jen's life is anything but boring. Her feed showcases fun behind the scenes action at the office as well as her a close up look at her own life. 

04 | For The Target Lover: Target Does It Again (@targetdoesitagain) | As a Target-addict myself, I appreciate the daily reminder that, YES, I do need to go to Target. Again.

05 | For Baby Fever: Mary Lauren (@marylauren) | There is just something about following along a growing babe. Beautiful images abound of doing life & doing it right on this mama's feed.

07 | To Get Office Inspo: Wandering Office (@wanderingoffice) | Anyone else obsessed over pretty work spaces? I'm so obsessed that I have an entire Pin board dedicated to it. This Insta-account is perfect for office inspo while also a push to get to stop staring at the phone and get to work.

08 | For the Adventurous Spirit: Jannik Obenhoff (@jannikobenhoff) | The 16-year-old, based in Munich, Germany, describes himself as "just a boy with a camera", yet his photographs portray much more. These stunning images will make you gasp each time he posts through his amazing composition and use of light. Now, I have decided that I must travel to Germany to see these sights in person!

09 | For the Hip Pet Lover: Warby Barker (@warbybarker) | Honestly, I'm not much of a dog lover. But these pups + my favorite specks (Warby Parker) get me every time. Sadly, my pup, Eleanor, will not for the life of her let me get a good shot of her in my glasses. I mean, come on!

10 | For Beautiful Photography: Kinsey Mhire (@sincerelykinsey) | Kinsey uses light so beautifully in her images and captures moments that will be cherished forever. Her skill + natural surroundings makes every shot truly killer. 

11 | To Follow an Up-In-Coming Graphic Designer: Connor Dwyer (@connor.dwyer) | As a current SCAD graphic design student,  Connor's minimalistic aesthetic & clever creations are too good not to follow.

12 | For Endlessly Creative Content:  Design Love Fest (@designlovefest) | I mean, the Design Love Fest creative director, Bri Emery, makes even lightbulbs and junk food look cool. Now that is what I call a true creative.

Pop on over to Instagram and give these creatives a follow! While these people inspire me, who on Instagram inspires you? 

P.s. For those who saw this post un-finished this morning -- I am so sorry! I accidentally scheduled the post without realizing I was missing a few things. ;)


  1. Already following @marylauren ! A few people who inspire me on instagram are @soelsister, @kirbyisaboss, and @kaycerv .

    Jem | graceboat.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!! I LOVE Mary Lauren. And, I will def give those accounts a follow.

      Also, so sorry that you had to see this post before its final edit. Accidentally scheduled it before checking that everything had been completed!

  2. I had to go and follow several of these! I don't think that you finished editing #8 though, just FYI:)

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading. Also, I am SO sorry about the un-edited post. I accidentally scheduled the post without a final edit. Whoops!


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