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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

*Note: Due to the (American) holiday yesterday, this post has been delayed a day. Will be on schedule for this Thursday!

In an era that is continually throwing content at you, it is easy to fill your mind and heart with words, images, and messages that are empty. By "empty", I mean that places like your Instagram / Facebook / Twitter feed often leave you feeling jealous or with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the Youtube Videos you watch make you feel as if your life is far less pretty or adventurous or [fill in the blank here] than the person behind the camera, and the blogs or articles you read seem as though everyone has it figured out except for you. Here's the thing: that is normal. At least we can all rest in that fact alone, yet we must not let that be the end of the discussion. I think the problem here is that we spend more time looking at our phones and computers than we do with people we love. We spend more time contemplating an edit or caption than we do asking about someone else's day. We spend more time pinning pretty images than we do actually creating them. That, too, is a fact of our generation that is both sad but very real. 

The cold, hard truth of this is that these are issues that we must face head on in order to live a full life. The first being we need to put down the dang phone. We just do. Yes, it is hard. But, no, we will still live. When practiced, we will not just "do life" through a glowing screen, but truly live a life that is both beautiful and messy, and most importantly, a life that is in the here and now. One with people you love looking at you in the eyes during a moment that does not have to be captured in order to be remembered. That is a full life. It is something much easier said than done, I will admit as this is a goal I continually try and fail and try again at achieving. The other problem is that when we are on the internet, we are not surrounding ourselves with content that uplifts. Whether is be the images we look at, the words we read, or the overall meaning behind the work, it leaves us empty

But, guess what? There is good, uplifting, authentic content out there. I am slowly finding it and choosing to fill the time I spend looking at a screen with it rather than scrolling through my Instagram feed for the 12th time in the hour. (Pro tip: Start small. Try just limiting yourself to look at your various socials once every hour.) Therefore, I want to share these places that celebrate real lives, like I hope H&H does and continues to do. 

Little City Magazine is where you should start. The online magazine launched just last week and is described as "a community of creatives led by faith". With articles on fashion & beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, college & career, and adventure written by various contributors, it not only uplifts but also inspires you to take action to grow. And, some exciting news in this, too: I have the opportunity to be a contributor as well! I am overjoyed to share an article on the topic of college & career in a week or so, and cannot wait for you guys to read it.

So, hop on over to Little City and fill your heart & mind with more than empty content. Even if it is simply a click away, this is a way we can actively pursue the good and the real things of life. 

Where do you find content that uplifts? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is so true. I'm working on unplugging a bit more- I love your tip on starting simple and limiting yourself to once an hour! I've realized my life is just so much better when I'm not on my phone all the time. Hard, but so worth it. I'll have to check out this magazine asap!


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