H&H Update: Out For The Week!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sweet, consistent followers! I will be out for the week due to a mission trip. Though I schedule most of my posts, I will also be taking my annual "social media cleanse" as well as a quick break here on H&H. I am learning that it is perfectly OK to rest for a second and focus on the real stuff, you know? Yet, if you are reallllly missing those two posts of mine and needing some good content (remember the chat about content that uplifts, here?) to read throughout the week, here are five places to check out.

01The Art of Journaling on Creating A Lovely Life (A favorite post from my previous blog of five years)

02Four Ways Anyone Can Fight For Justice via Darling Magazine blog (SO good)

0323 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Eating or Buying Anything via Yesandyes.org (Save yourself some money and calories this week)

04 | The Lively Show podcast, specifically episode #100 with Elizabeth Gilbert (have gushed about this here) by Jess Lively (New episodes every Thursday / Can find on Podcast app on iPhone)

05 | @SaraDietchy on Youtube (Especially her series, Creative Spaces TV)

And, a quick word-to-the-wise: Immersing yourself in creative, uplifting content not only inspires you throughout the week but is necessary to a life of growth & creativity. What will you engage in this week?

[P.S. As I will be out-of-town, please pray for me and my team as we share our lives + true Love with those we will encounter. Specifically, for leadership + patience + authenticity in conversation. *Hugs*, Cate ]

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