The Perfect Summer Indie-Dance Playlist (With Sophie Roads)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sometimes I like to think of my life before iTunes or Spotify. Then I quickly stop because that is a sad life, and just not worth the time. Yet, if I am being completely honest with myself, my music taste was not shaped by own accord. Maybe 20% of it is, but the other 80% is due to two people-- my older brother, Jackson, and my long-distance bestie, Sophie. 

Sophie currently lives in North Carolina, but has lived near and far-- from Dallas to my hometown of Little Rock to the UK. There are a lot of words to describe her, but most of all she is someone who is always kind, a constant encourager, and incredibly creative. Soph lives her life with a lot of grace and a lot of creativity. I am more than proud to call her one of my best friends!

Sophie's encouragement and advice has been a large part in the creation process of this blog, so I owe one big thank you to her (thanks, Soph!). She is good a multitude of things, but what she is a pro at is finding the perfect playlist for you. There have been many times that she has sent me a song to listen to on a hard day or a good playlist that makes you want to dance. And, I simply can't keep her stellar music choices to myself. So, once a month, we get to metaphorically gather around Sophie's laptop and see what is on her current music playlist. This month, we decided the best way to describe it was indie-dance. I don't know if that makes us wannabe hipsters or not (*cringe*), but at the end of the day it is the perfect soundtrack for your summer. Enjoy!

01 | Broken Record - Louis the Child Remix feat. Joni Fatora // Soysauce

02 | Send My Love (To Your New Lover) // Adele

03 | Lost // Jack and White

04 | Good Grief // Bastille

05 | Oceans // Coasts

06 | Better Love - From The Legend of Tarzan // Hozier

07 | High You Are - Branchez Remix // What So Not

08 | Rising Water // James Vincent McMorrow

09 | Hell No // Ingrid Michaelson

10 | Amadeus // Family and Friends (Cate's favorite pick!)

11 | Boardwalks - Sonny Alven Remix // Adele

12 | Welcome To Your Life // Grouplove

13 | Bridge Burn // Little Comets

14 | White Flag // Joseph

15 | Alaska // Maggie Rogers

16 | Moving Mountains // The Brevet

You can follow Sophie on Spotify where this playlist is found (or click the link HERE) under the name Sophie Roads. Now, grab a friend & take a drive or have a solo dance party in your home; the latter, which tends to be my favorite mode of music listening, is actually happening right now to the song "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers. Yet, whatever you do, life is better with a good soundtrack in the background.

Included playlist provided by: Sophie Roads, 17

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  1. I love a good playlist!! I can't wait to listen to this!


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