Why Printed Images are Better than Digital (with Artifact Uprising)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Surrounding yourself with things you love is important. Whether it is artwork, handwritten notes, concert tickets, or those vintage owl figurines you just had to buy, these items are physical reminders of your personality and treasured moments. While the remnants may appear to be mundane or insignificant to your neighbor, to you they are lovely, sentimental, and make you smile. That simple grin alone is why I am a big believer in immersing yourself in the good and the true things of life -- from friends, to experiences, to the cute pillow on the sale rack at Target -- to understand that each day brings joy. While physical items do not equate or are necessary for a full life, I think that in a world with so many problems, pain, and injustice, it is okay to remind yourself there is still beauty. In the people you encounter, the situation you are currently in, and on the walls of your home, there is still beauty.

We often decorate with art and various knick knacks, and yet our photos -- a memory that appears so personal -- tends to be kept on our phone, only visible to our own eyes. We often forget that our photographs, too, are an art form. And, like the beautiful painting passed down from your grandmother, they should be showcased. So I ask: why is the art of a physical photograph lost? I have narrowed it down to this: convenience. (That, and well, saving the trees. But that's another story.) The cool thing about this issue is there is a easy solution -- take action. We live in 2016, and printing photos is easier than ever. Most orders can be placed in five minutes on your Smartphone during your lunch break, and picked up just a few hours later.

There is something about taking a photo of a special moment, and therefore getting to keep that memory forever. More than that, what a privilege it is to have those images go from your five inch iPhone screen to a beautiful print. For me, Artifact Uprising* does just that. With just twenty-five bucks and a few clicks on your phone or computer, you can get twenty-five 5 x 5 inch high-quality prints. Additionally, AU's products include framed photos, photo albums, cards, and wall art. All beautiful, simple, and personal. 

All in all, a printed photo is better in view of the fact that it is physical. Because, we as humans inevitably remember occasions best in their most concrete form. It is that "proof" that we need to remind us that it happened, was accounted for, and can be recollected. However, what makes a printed photograph so valuable is the memory itself; truly, it is the intangible things of life that are forever.

So, I encourage you to print a few photos this week. Maybe it is the last three photos on your camera roll or your favorites from a trip a few summers back; but, whatever it is, let's get it off a screen and into your hand. Let's practice remembering with fondness. Let's surround ourselves with more beauty.

*Note: This post was not sponsored. But, heck-- I wish! Let's connect, Artifact Uprising.


  1. I love how the prints come out with a matte-finish! I'm really tempted to buy some, and I just might before dorm-decorating begins! :)

    Jem | graceboat.blogspot.com

  2. This was such a funny time for this post to pop up, because I LITERALLY just closed the tab on my computer after ordering 100 prints. XD I love printed photos so much!!


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