Seven Things to Remember During Shifting Seasons

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart.
-Myla Kabat Zinn

As summer moves into fall, we notice the physical change of our surroundings -- the cliche falling of leaves, the warmer colors entering our sidewalks, and even the sweaters taking summer's place in our closets. We smile as we feel the chill in the morning but are instantly filled with regret as the afternoon warmth seeps into our overly excited clothing choice of boots and corduroys. So, here we are, amidst what I call the transition season.

Yet, this term should not only be allotted to a physical changing of seasons, but additionally to the ever changing ebb and flow of circumstances in our life. This can mean a new experience or change in job, a new city, neighborhood, or school, an emerging relationship or loss of one, or even just shift in priorities -- from work to family to friends to everything in between. Times as these can be trying, yet let us not lose heart. Here are a few ways we can keep our head up in a season that is trying to challenge us.

01 | Remember that being vulnerable is good and brave. Do it often and give yourself major props when you do. (*Que Treat Yo' Self 2016*)

02 | Look outside of yourself. Look up. Remember you are not alone in this.

03 | Breathe. Rest for, like, 20 minutes. Watch some trashy TV and give your brain a rest.

(JK about the trashy TV. But, sometimes The Bachelor does wonders to remind us that we really haven't reached rock bottom.)

04 | Calm yourself with these wise words from Theadore Roosevelt: "Do what you can with what you have where you are." Tomorrow is a new start. Heck, in a minute from now can be a new start. 

05 | Lean on someone. Open up. Allow people to be here with you in this time. 

06 | Even when you feel ______ (i.e. overwhelmed, disappointed, heartbroken), show up. Maybe not to the every party, but show up to life. Choosing to not zone out and escape from your circumstance allows you to grow and focus on the here & now.

07 | Remember that this is all temporary. My grandfather (and later my mother, currently my roommate) would always instill in us that "this too shall pass". And, it's true. It will. Let's have patience and rest in the discomfort of it all.

For those who have experienced a shifting season in their life, what is the best advice you have received to deal with the discomfort of transition?


  1. "But, sometimes The Bachelor does wonders to remind us that we really haven't reached rock bottom." Haha, that line killed me, Cate.

    This post was so, so great. I'm in the midst of some shifting myself, so this was oh-too relatable. Loved it. <3

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