Two Autumn Playlists to Obsess Over (with Sophie Roads)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Being on a college campus for just about two months now, I am realizing how rare it is to find someone without earbuds almost attached to their heads. At first, I found this off-putting due to the lack of opportunity to connect with people you encounter, however, after an extensive study (and by extensive study, I really just mean trying it out for myself) I discovered that having music surround you as you walk to class, study, or just sit on the lawn to rest boosts your mood and can encourage you throughout the day

Today, I am so excited to share with you not only Sophie's October playlist, but also last month's too. Let's just say I did this on purpose and not because life can be crazy and things can go unfinished every once in a while. Once again, Soph KILLS it with both of these playlists. Whether you are on a college campus or on the way to work or school, these songs will make your day go from ordinary to one with more life, joy and growth. And, that is what we are all going for anyways, right? Check out her top autumnal picks below.

October // 16 

September // 16


My favorites from both playlists include "June, After Dark" by Elliot Root (the rest of Elliot's music is beautiful, too. Worth the listen!), "American Money" by BORNS, Bon Iver's "33 'GOD'", and lastly "I Want You" by Marian Hill. You can check out Soph's past playlists featured on the blog HERE (June // 16) and HERE (August // 16). Or, just follow Sophie on Spotify HERE (oh, and me too, HERE). 

What are your favorite picks? And, how will you take this playlist, or just music in general, with you this fall?


  1. I love trying out Spotify's Discover Weekly because when you listen to music 24/7, it's easy to become bored with your tunes. Thanks for sharing!! I'll have to add some of these to my playlist <3

  2. I adore a good playlist! I can't wait to listen to this:)


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