Three Ways to Create a Digital Mood Board

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Via @catemarg on Pinterest
Mood or inspiration boards have become more and more popular for creatives to utilize in their homes, office, and any space one can get his or her hands on. I have always loved creating my own mood boards since it creates a visual representation of what I am currently inspired by - from art to style to colors, and everything in between. Though physical visuals* can make the space around you more artistic, many of us do not have the space to create and desire to be surrounded by said inspiration at all times. Therefore, there are many digital forms that allow for expression on the go.

Here are three ways you can curate a well-designed mood board from your phone or computer.

01 | Instagram Feed and Saved Photos

Via @cate.marg on Instagram
Via @cate.marg on Instagram
Though Instagram can be used for all sorts of platforms, you can easily create a mood board through your feed. The best way to do this is to plan out your grid! Darling Magazine recently wrote a great article on "4 Things That Zap Your Creativity on Instagram" that you can check out to take your Instagram feed to the next level.

Additionally, you can create a mood board through your saved photos. This feature is new - and is quickly becoming my favorite! In the bottom right on each photo, there is a bookmark icon that you can click. Then, it saves it to a board only you can see on your profile (far right icon next to "Photos of You"). This is where you collect photos from a variety of people you follow on Instagram that you're constantly inspired or encouraged by - this way, you can easily look back each day, week, or month and can visually see how your artistic eye is evolving. 

02 | Photoshop

Created by Claire Nichols, Instagram HERE 
Using Photoshop would be most preferrable for someone who enjoys the creative freedom to design their own layouts. Through this software, you can form your "board" in whatever style you like - whether super layered, clean cut, or a combination of the two. Plus, look at what a different a little typography here and there makes! Count me in. However, you can get these creative vibes a few ways...

a) Through Purchasing the Software on your Computer. You can pay a one-time fee or choose a monthly plan. Plus - if you are not sure you want to commit just yet, try a free trial HERE. (Oh, hey students - there are great deals especially for us, too!)
b) Purchasing Similar Apps on your Smartphone. A few of my favorites include Diptic, ABeautifulMess, and even the Photoshop app. All of these options give you the same creative freedom to create or choose from unique layouts and add in design elements.

03 | Pinterest
Via @catemarg on Pinterest
Last but not least, we cannot forget about Pinterest. Though probably the easiest way to gain and sort through inspiration, it may come as a surprise to some that it can be used as an intentional mood board. You can do this through...

a) Creating very specific boards. Not just "style", but "winter style". Not just "home", but "the kitchen". By creating detailed boards, it will naturally become more curated and specific in content. Yet if you do not prefer having a multitude of boards to sort though, you can opt for option b.
b) Adding just one more board to your account for inspiration. If the first option seems too daunting, this may be for you. Create a separate board specifically for your mood board. From here, you can pin  or re-pin your current favorite images to create a cohesive, artistic space.

Do you create digital mood boards? If so, what format do you use?


*This post is the first of two focused on creating mood or inspiration moods. Later this month, we will learn more about how to create the ideal physical mood board for your surroundings. Get excited!


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