A Playlist of Hope & Light with Sophie Roads

Sunday, March 5, 2017

We are back again with the monthly playlists, and this one being no exception to the beautifully curated ones Sophie Roads created for us last year. (For past playlists, click HEREHERE, and HERE.)

And, a note from the music-curator, herself:

"Hello, sweet listeners. February's playlist was one that I tried my best to fill with emotionally promising songs. My personal favorites include Sampha (Honestly, just check out that whole album. The man has a voice like butter), Whatever You Want by Vasser, and The Isle of Arran by Loyle Carner. Carner is another one I'd highly recommend delving into further. Easy listening and highly motivating. To those listening, I hope I succeeded in creating a soft-spoken playlist with undertones of hope and light. Happy listening, folks."

"To those listening, I hope I succeeded
 in creating a soft-spoken playlist 
with undertones of hope and light."

What are you listening to this month?

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  1. This playlist is so uplifting sophie i had embarked on a search of song suggestions for thanksgiving i stumbled upon a couple of write my paper online which i would add onto this.


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