En Route To Chicago

Monday, March 27, 2017

*This post is a lil' different and a lil' spontaneous for this Type A, posts-planned-two-weeks-out gal. But, switching it up is good and keeps us honest and free. This was written as I was on a train en route to Chicago for a little weekend fun with some friends - enjoy these quiet rambles.*

Image via Claire Nichols
The sun resting on my face through the window of the train feels glamorous.

I do not know if "glamour" is the right word, for it seems a bit overdone or doubtful; yet, as I close my eyes and let the burning yellow and red flutter through my eyelids, it feels warm and beautiful and special. (These colors we see as we close our eyes are called "phosphenes" according to ScienceLine. Curiosity got to me.)  

The soft mutter of the train as we pass through fields & urban homes alike fades dimly into the background. Its voice has become the soundtrack of this trip for me, thus far. (Not for poetic reasons, truly out of plain forgetfulness. My headphones are sitting on my nightstand at home. Rookie move, I know.) Friends are sleeping and strangers are doing their thing. Being a bit nosey seems a little more acceptable on public transportation. It's then transformed to "curiosity" and I'm into it. 

Image via Claire Nichols
 There is something about being on a train - or in a car, plane, bus - that makes me nostalgic but nonetheless still. That tension between "what was" & "what is" (and of course, the inevitable "what will be") rests softly together in this moment. Snuggled between other conflicting emotions - ones of joy & sorrow and ease & pain. I am making room for all these friends these days. Learning that they are, in fact, friends and should be kept close to recognize how human I am. ("So Very Human" I have said to myself lately. In those I-shouldn't-of-said-that, feel-that, do-that moments, I am & we are So. Very. Human. I think that should be a title of a book, someday.) However, "it's okay" & "be still" whisper their sweet voices around me, and I am choosing to listen. 

My eyes come to a close for an extended second once more, this time, surrounded by trees and a small stream... reminding me that all this, too, shall pass. These moments, as beautiful as they can be, are so very temporary. So I am choosing to feel it all yet grasp lightly, for better days lie ahead.  

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