Why You Should Still Create in a World Where Everyone is a Creator

Monday, March 13, 2017

Image by Karissa Nickish
As you scroll through Instagram, take an art class, or simply look to the person next to you, it seems that more and more people are creating something and putting it out into the world. Seeing this can make us feel a few things - some days it may be along the lines of yes, inspiration! and way to go, sister friend! While other days lean more towards really, another one? or even a what about me? thought. The latter of the attitudes leaves us feeling discouraged, compared, and ultimately believing we are unworthy of creating something, too. 

First things first - let's not feel shame or guilt for feeling these thoughts. They are natural and real. I have 'em, you have 'em, and most people who care deeply about their art do, too. Yet, also, these emotions are far from the truth and do not define who we are as a creator or person. 

So, here is the deal: despite these thoughts, we should still create. We were made to, it seems. Why? Check out a few reasons below.

01 | We Have Much to Learn from One Another.

Though our work may seem similar or the "someone has already done that before" thought streams our head, we, too, have a unique voice that should be shared. That is the beautiful thing about art - that not one person executes it the exact same way. Whether it be writing, painting, styling, photography, or any creative medium, we all bring something to the table. 

02 | Creativity does not Simply "Run Out".

Maya Angelou famously states that "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” I think she is right - and we should remind ourselves of this truth often when we are tempted to tell ourselves that there is not enough space for another artist, blogger, photographer, etc. in the world. 

03 | At the End of the Day, Create for Yourself. 

It is fun to get positive feedback and an abundant of "likes" or "shares", yet to create well we cannot simply only depend on the outcome of our shared work. The original work itself - the process of getting that photograph just right or perfecting that last paragraph - brings great joy when restrained to just creating for creating's sake. 


In an article from Into More Productions, author Ryan Wekenman writes, "Some of us like to create with our hands. Others use words. Or cameras. Or instruments. Or insights. Or computers. Or conversations. We were all given the ability, desire, and responsibility to create. Which means it doesn’t matter how you choose to create, simply that you do. This is one of the key ingredients to living a story of more."

His words, for me, take the pressure off of making something "perfect" and instead simply push me to just create something. I hope and pray that we can use our natural ability of creating to cultivate living that "story of more". 

Why do you think we should all keep creating, despite our doubts or the fact that "everyone" is doing it?


  1. yep yep yep love this - thank you for being my creative friend;)

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