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Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Popping in today to share with you a piece of my long-term vision for Habit & Heart. I am currently in the process of rebranding the site, updating information, adding more resources, as well as inviting a few more people along with me on this adventure. I am learning that we can't do it all, and this blog is no exception. With that being said, this is a post to explain what I am looking for in a possible contributor. As a firm believer that we are better together, I hope that this invitation allows for building more consistent, quality content on Habit & Heart. 

Habit & Heart is looking for some gals + guys with a similar voice, style and desire to celebrate the real life that its content hopes to achieve to fill a few roles here on the blog. For the sake of organization, let's break this down into three parts.

Part 1: ROLES & POSITIONS to fill

01 | Photography Contributor 
Description: This role will basically provide images for various posts, with credit attributed. Selected images should reflect the content and nature of the post. If you are looking for a place to showcase your photography, this role would be the perfect fit.

02 | Post Contributor
Description: In this role, you would write and edit your own post for Habit & Heart. This could look like one of two things: One, a pitched & approved idea that reflects the content & values of H&H or two, an assigned or collaborated idea with me.

03 | Writing and Post Editor
Description: This position will differ depending who is interested in this role. I currently do not have anyone to regularly look over my work, but I think that needs to change. This position would be great for someone who is talented in the ways of grammar, sentence structure and literary terms who can also provide constructive feedback on various posts. 

04 | Visuals and Graphics Creator for Promotion & Social Media
Description: Where my graphic-designers at? You don't have to have a job title as such, but just a pure interest and growing expertise in the world of visuals. This role would be someone who is able to create consistent work for promotional content and social media. 

Desired role not listed? If you have talent + passion in a certain area, please let me know how this blog can be a platform to showcase that.

These roles could be a permanent commitment, such as a frequent post or consistent photography contribution, or as a more temporary position, such as a one-time or on-call type of situation. A-ok with either as long as you are loyal to your decision!

Ideally, I am wanting about five or six people to come alongside me in taking H&H to the next step. I ultimately want this to come together organically, but for the sake of expressing desires & needs, here are some aspects that I am looking for:

Part 2: My ideal NEEDS & DESIRES 

01 | At least one or two contributors to reside or live near Columbia, MO (my full-time location) or Little Rock, AR (hometown). This desire is so we could have some in-person time to talk through and create content together.

02 | A GUY! Maybe even two. Who knows. This blog's content is not targeted at just women, but all those who desire to live a creative & real life. So, I am *trying* to reach both women & men on H&H, and I think having a guy come alongside me would be beneficial to that goal.

03 Variety in ages, backgrounds, perspectives. Though H&H does need to stay consistent with its overall style and form, by myself, I am limited due to just one demographic. Therefore, expansion should come hand-in-hand with variety.

Again, this little list is purely an ideal desire. I am so thankful for whatever contribution interest I receive, but learning that speaking (or in my case, writing) your dreams gets you a little closer to them.

Part 3: EXPECTATIONS for contributors

01 | Quality, thoughtful work that is relevant to H&H's readership and true to your values.

02 | Organization and ability to work well on a deadline.

03 | Clear communication with me, other team members and readers. Must be available via email, text and in-person (if possible).

04 | Loyalty (loyalty, loyalty - Kendrick reference, anyone?). I know that a lot of us have a creative endeavor or side hustle already going on + school, work, family, friends, and well, LIFE. I think those things are far more important than this blog, however with a position I expect consistent time and effort put into your content.

Ok, that's a wrap. If interested, fill out THIS GoogleForm. Just asks a few questions so that I can gather some basic info.
(Form should take less than a minute to complete.)

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  1. Hey Cate, must say that I love what you're doing here and your smiling picture really uplifted my mood too. Thanks for it and keep up the good work.


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