Cate Willis, the creator and editor behind all content on H&H, is an 19 year old student currently residing in Columbia, MO. She is in the process of pursuing a degree in journalism. Outside of blogging, Cate enjoys coffee chats with good friends, trying new restaurants, fashion and personal style, reading, art, typography, Target runs, and cats. Because, are you really a blogger if you do not like cats?


Our lives are made up of routine, or habit-- from brushing our teeth to the core people we surround ourselves with. Yet, what make us authentic & individual is doing the mundane with a whole lot of heart. Therefore, Habit & Heart is a celebration of real lives. Ones with both joy and hardship, loss and gain, ups and downs. Editor Cate Willis hopes H&H's content will uplift, inspire, and encourage its readers through weekly posts on various creative endeavors. 

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  1. Cats and Target runs... we are kindred spirits, you and I. I've been perusing your blog and really enjoy it, it's very well-done. I look forward to more of your posts!

    - Caitlin (mooremisadventures.com)


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