How do you edit your photos?

I mainly use my iPhone 6 to take photos for Instagram. Rarely, I use my Canon t3i, but honestly - I'm lazy and it's easy to be a little more candid with my phone. As for editing, I use the app VSCO. I will first do a little changes in exposure (up or down depending on photo), brightness (normally up), contrast (normally up), temperature (warmer or cooler depending on photo), and will then straighten or crop if needed. Next, I will layer a filter or two. Favorites include: A6 (to brighten those whites), B1 (my b&w go-to), J2 or J5 (to emphasize a shadow or add some mood), M5 (for warmth), and Q2 (for brightening colors). Sorry for all the VSCO-talk - sounds a little crazy, eh? Hope this helps. 

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